Monday, 16 May 2016

Travel Edit: OneFineStay | LDN, NY, LA, PA, RME

Hello everyone, Hope that you are all well! Here I am again with another blog post, the good thing is that university is almost over and I will be updating more often :-)

Summer is around the corner, we've had pretty awesome weather here in the UK and everyone is starting to feel a lot happier and cheerful; so in celebration of that, I'm here to present One Fine Stay, a short term luxury holiday rental service that operates in London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Rome (the easiest way of me explaining is, a luxury and very impressive service similar to Air BnB).

Source: OneFineStay - Rue du Bac V, Paris
I actually only found out about this company earlier this year and I'm obsessed with it, I think that its great that there is a brand like this that can offer around the same services as a high end hotel whilst still enjoying the comfort and familiarity of a luxury home in fantastic cities around the world. I'm sure everyone loves a little bit of luxury here and there and would love to experience a home-away-from-home. But what exactly is One Fine Stay and what do they do?

One Fine Stay seek out fine and well cared for homes around London, New York, LA, Paris and Rome for short and even long term stays. Where it differs from other rentals such as Air BnB, is the hospitality. Not only will you get to stay in a luxury, beautifully decorated home but the staff at One Fine Stay will ensure that there is someone to greet you at the property and things such as bedding, towels and toiletries are all taken care of. The homes that will be rented will be unoccupied whilst you stay and you can always call on the staff if you are in need of anything; whether it be how to turn on the sound system in the house or any quirky and fun places to visit whilst staying in your chosen city. Its amazing that people are giving up their beautiful, well manicured homes - if I lived in any of these, I probably wouldn't want to leave!

Source: OneFineStay - Oakwood Avenue, Los Angeles
One of the more obvious reasons as to why I featured OneFineStay on my blog, is just for how stunning most of the interiors are. There is quite honestly something for everyone's different tastes and styles and its terrific! It is on the pricier side, but I do feel as though with this kind of service, you ultimately get what you pay for!

Here are some more images of some of the properties on offer!

Source: OneFineStay - Washington Loft, New York
Source: OneFineStay - Passmore Drive, Los Angeles
Source: OneFineStay - Rue Chauvaeu, Paris
Source: OneFineStay - East 21st Street, New York
Source: OneFineStay - McKinley Avenue, Los Angeles
Source: OneFineStay - St George's Wharf IV
So if you'd love to give yourself a little treat this summer, you can find out more information on their website!


Friday, 15 April 2016

My Tickled Pink Wishlist S/S 2016

Here I am again everyone! While I know its been a while since I last posted, I'm presenting you with my all pink Spring/Summer wishlist! I decided to go with the colour pink as it really strikes me as a sweet colour, a colour that is calm and related to spring and delight (in moderation of course!).

Here are some of the items of furniture and home accessories that I have been loving lately!

1) Open Plain Living Julius Chair Velvet - £1716 - Can Be Purchased Here
2) H&M Porcelain Mug - £6.99 - Can Be Purchased Here
3) Voluspa Vermail Mini Tin Candle Prosecco Rose - £10.00 - Can Be Purchased Here
4) Artificial Hyfrangeas Flowers - £10.49 - Can Be Purchased Here
5) A Splash of Colour Chrome Vase - £17.00 - Can Be Purchased Here
6) Sheridan Blush Haven Cushion - £28.00 - Can Be Purchased Here
7) Ferm Living Wire Basket - £34.95 - Can Be Purchased Here
8) Castleton Home Tripod Floor Lamp - £85.99 - Can Be Purchased Here
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