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AW2016 Collection w/ Bloomingville

Happy Autumn all and good wishes all the way from Ningbo, China! (yes, I'm currently on my study abroad year here and its awesome! post to follow soon!). I'm here to share with you all a brand that I've only heard of recently, a Danish interior furnishing and homeware store called Bloomingville

Those who have been regular readers of my blog over the past year might have noticed that I'm a huge fan of Scandinavian interior design and decoration, the colours, the simplicity and the fact that it can be very easily interchangeable with different seasons. Bloomingville was founded by Betina Stampe in 2000, who's design philosophy is to support homes and spaces with simplicity and not dominate them, this allows people to really be creative and free with decorating.

The beautiful Autumn Winter 2016 collection is an exciting range filled with warm colours, enticing textures and the dash of rustic, organic designs. One thing in particular that I love about this collection, is how creative they have been about introducing trends and how carefully they have worked to tie in their patterns and designs with this. 'Retro is Back' is my pick!

Its always fun and exciting when you come across a brand you're not familiar with and I already have all my favourities from Bloomingville's stunning Autumn/Winter collection lined up and ready to buy! As I'm writing this post I have also noticed that they now have their Christmas collection up also! Here are some of my picks from their new collection as well as online sites to purchase them if you are outside of Denmark and aren't able to reach one of their stunning showrooms.

2) Cage Pendant Lamp - £95.00
3) Light Grey Cabinet - £651.41
4) Copper Wall Lamp - £99.00
8) Pause Sofa (Rose) - £1,729.61
9) Cork and Copper Vase - £67.00

Most of these were taken from Amara, but for the more larger items such as sofas, it may be best to shop through Living and Co. - Nanken, House Envy and Royal Design are also great alternatives for UK and international shoppers!

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

5 Ways to Create a Luxury Hotel Ambiance at Home

Source: The Peninsula Paris

After a long day at work, university or wherever you have been that day, that feeling of excitement and glee that we are going back home to relax, unwind and be ourselves again, we can all agree is one of the best feelings ever right? 

However, after doing a few projects throughout the year, it is becoming a bit more apparent that people are going home after a long day and are still in need of a sanctuary and a place to unwind completely and that may be a result of many different things! Perhaps you work from your bedroom a lot of the time or the children's toys are scattered around the house or you can never find time to properly clear our and tidy.. but I'm here to give a few tips on how to create a luxury and relaxing ambiance throughout your home to allow you to feel refreshed, revived and ready to take on your next day! :)

Cleanliness and Simplicity
This is an old tip that still applies, how many of us would appreciate walking into a cluttered and messy hotel room? *looks into audience for show of hands* none of us! Part of adding a hotel ambiance into your home is by keeping your spaces clean, simple and tidy. If you know you have lots of items, have a little think about the best way more storage can be incorporated into your space to save you hassle. Only decorate with things that you love and need and do away with the items that you feel make your space cluttered and stuffy!

Source: Sian Baxter Lighting
Experiment With Lighting
I find that when decorating the home, unless its terrible, lighting often gets put on the back burner and we're all too busy looking into other things such as sofas, cushions and paint for the walls.. A lot of people underestimate just how much the right lighting can do for a space, lighting can make or break the ambiance and feeling of a room or space, so it definitely pays off to take time and get it right! Luxury hotels in particular take special care with lighting to make sure that the guest who is paying top dollar can slip in comfortably into their stay without too much hassle. Bright and vibrant lighting is usually used in the lobby during the day and dims to create a different atmosphere throughout the day and dimmable lighting in the hotel rooms to ease the guest into relaxation and into the feeling that you are away from home.Think carefully about the way you'd like your room or space to come across when you first walk in and also about the way you would like certain parts items of furniture or parts of the room to be lit. Try and pick out lighting that will compliment the rest of your space well.

In my previous post regarding my giveaway, I mentioned the online store Litecraft who sell affordable, lovely and some striking lighting along with other home accessories (so do check them out if you get the chance!) I also love the site LuxDeco and Heal's for the more luxury and high end lighting.

Source: Sarah Hayford Interiors, Made by Me

Pay Attention to Small Details
When most think of interior designing, they think about this part! The accessories, the dressing. The part that can really bring a room together. Luxury hotels just seem to get a lot of it right. When thinking about how to transform your home ambiance into that of a luxury hotel, the little things are key! Honestly, it may be having fresh flowers from your local florist on your dining table, or having brass finishes to your kitchen taps instead of chrome or even trying out textured wall coverings in your living area instead of paint or ordinary wallpaper. Really take care and look into the small things, because when they do come together, you'll certainly be surprised!

Above I have inserted a little idea board, certainly try and make one for your home and see what you can come up with!

1) Buster and Punch  |   2) Alex McCarthy  |  3) Baobab

Source: Sophie Paterson (one of my favourite interior designers!) Surrey
Separate Your Work Space from Your Relaxing Space
If you're lucky enough to have a spare room in your home and you do a considerable amount of work, perhaps consider transforming it into a little office? and if you don't have the space, maybe put some thought into having a computer or office area around the house. This may be a weird point for some who are reading this, but after watching countless "home/apartment" tours on Youtube (how fun are they to watch though!?) and visiting a few beautiful places, I find that many don't want to mix the two often. One of my good friends has made it a rule to try not to work from her bedroom as its for relaxing purposes only! While that may be a had concept for lots of us to come by, its pretty understandable right? I often find myself working in bed on my laptop and that only has one outcome, which is me taking a nap lol so it definitely is beneficial from both sides!

Source: Sarah Akwisombe's Office (one of my favourite bloggers, check her out!)
Invest in Good Quality and Comfortable Bedding
Oooh this is a biggie! Now when I think of luxury hotels, the first things that come to mind are good food, good service and great beds! Sleep is vital for all of us but saying that, how many of us can say we get a good nights' sleep every night? If you don't, definitely try and look to your bedding and your mattress. Its super important and can play a big role in how you sleep as well as the comfort and aesthetic of your room. Luxury hotels pay attention and invest into top quality bedding and you shouldn't be afraid to either! Also pay attention to how you present your bed in your room, make it a spectacle/the main focus of the room if you'd like! Make it that item that you can't wait to come back to from a long day's work/at university/taking care of the kids/whatever! Just make it beautiful and have fun with it!

LuxDeco have a brilliant luxury bedding guide here, if you wanted to give it a read!

Source: Blake's Hotel London - White Signature Room 

Also, please don't forget to enter my giveaway in collaboration with Litecraft, to win a beautiful lamp! 

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