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Staycations & Vacations w/ The Plum Guide

Hello lovelies! I'm finally back again with an exciting new post. A while ago I posted a Travel Edit with a luxury vacation company called OneFineStay and today I have yet another new on the scene company that I want to share with you all called The Plum Guide

I met with Arif Meherali, one of the co-founders of The Plum Guide who told me more about the stunning selections of homes that are available to rent in London and what makes them so special. The Plum Guide carefully picks wonderful and quirky homes along with very special hosts who go that extra mile to ensure that guests enjoy their stay and get the most out of their home and the area where they are situated!

Source: The Plum Guide - Down the Rabbit Hole
"I was impressed from the very first minute I entered the apartment. It felt like I was crossing into another dimension, one only pictured in dreams and fairytales. This is a beautiful one bedroom Victorian flat with a glorious balcony covered in flowers. It is very unique in the sense that it was designed, created and put together by the artistic host and it is no wonder it has been on cover of magazines. From a domed, blue flying pig to the eccentric book collection, there is no lack of entertainment and connection points. The perfect experience for an adventurous couple. "

- Joao Rosa, Home Critic [Four Seasons hospitality manager Served and attended to Royalty Luxury hospitality specialist]

The Plum Guide is a great platform to get an insight into some beautiful properties across the capital and is great for people in the UK who want a runaway staycation and be a tourist in their own country as well as being amazing for those who are on vacation in London from another country, want to meet Londoners and want a proper experience of the city itself, as oppose to being cooped up in a hotel with other tourists.

Above is a taster of what each page would look like on the site, it includes many beautifully taken photos of the space by Veronica Rodriguez, amenities,the favourites bits, the location along with things to do around the area, a critics closing statement and information about the host themselves which is very helpful, everything you need!

But one thing that definitely drew me into wanting to stay at a lot of the properties on The Plum Guide was the quirky interiors that I saw. A lot of them are amazing, different and would be a pleasure to experience and come home to. There quite literally something for everybody from budgets to style! 

Below are some of my favourites, be sure to check them out and to book; please click here!

Source: The Plum Guide - The Chamber, King Cross

Source: The Plum Guide - Swing, Shoreditch 

Source: The Plum Guide - Dream of Screens, Hackney

Source: The Plum Guide - Kensington Luxe, Kensington

Be on the lookout for my giveaway and for my upcoming posts on shopping the look for one of these stunning homes!


Saturday, 4 June 2016

6 Reasons Why You Should Apply Feng Shui | Guest Post by Lubna Khan

Source: Reiko Design
So, what is Feng Shui? Feng Shui (Fung-Shawy) is an ancient Chinese practice that explores how the placement of objects and furnishings effect the flow of energy in your living space and how that goes on to shape your personal energy flow. It is said that your personal energy flow has an influence on how you think and act in everyday life, both inside and outside of the home. The main purpose of Feng Shui is to align your home environment with your personality and your personal energy. This may be done by carefully considering the items you bring into your home and clearing clutter for example, which is seen to be a blocker of positive energy. It is a belief that in Feng Shui everything has a certain energy, even objects.

So without further ado, here are some tips provided by Lubna on why you may consider applying Feng Shui to your home!

Source: Brownstoner
Balance Everywhere
Sometimes you will be just sitting somewhere in your house, feeling stressed or not at ease for no obvious reason. Feng Shui has a reason why; it is probably because your eyes are suffering from an unbalanced sight in your surroundings. feng shui suggests that you present some sort of balance into your life in order to be in control with the outer balance of things. Putting your furniture in the right order and correct balance is bound to reflect on your psyche and life in general.

Developing Hawk Eyes
Well, not literally but you develop an eye for all the details and small things. Most people are so stressed about the big things going on in their lives that they start neglecting all the little things that actually matter. If you start to notice and actually spend time taking care of placing things where they should be; it will help you to pay attention to everything else that you thought was not a big deal. Big changes stem from small acts.

A Fresh Perspective on Life
Feng Shui is a fresh perspective that allows you to look deeper into things. This sort of positive energy that is brought by the freshness of the perspective allows you to become ready to welcome new perspectives into your life. It is always healthy and exciting to try new things in life.

Source: Brownstoner

If you are already into feng shui and have already taken steps into following its methodology, then you must have read all about it. Reading can always help you to find out more about it, it will give you more knowledge and enrich your mind with fresh information, not only that, but feng shui might offer you the chance to get to know more about the Chinese culture; which is a very dense and rich culture that you will definitely enjoy. Knowledge is not limited to written words, but it also means getting to know people. You will most certainly find a feng shui enthusiast living next door, or maybe a close friend, and if not, then this is your chance to introduce them to this beneficial perspective.

There are two types of energy, on is the positive energy, which is referred to as the “Qi” and the other one is the negative energy, which is called the “Sha Qi” feng shui is carefully designed to attract all the Qi and keep the Sha Qi at bay. If you develop this concept and live by it, then this method of interior decoration is bound to bring you happiness and offer you beautiful decoration that is easy on the eyes. Following all the rules of feng shui will bring you peace of mind and enable you to experience all the good things life has to offer, and if you cannot follow all the rules; then don’t sweat it, just do whatever makes you comfortable, and always remember that feng shui is a style of life, not just a way to decorate.

Historically, feng shui was widely used to orient buildings in an auspicious manner. When feng shui is correctly applied, it creates a certain appeal to the place. There is nothing more comforting than a well decorated house that is not too bright, not too dull and is easy on the eyes. However, be careful that when feng shui is not applied properly, or rather, without common sense, it can even harm the environment, such as was the case of people planting “lucky bamboo” in ecosystems that could not handle them.

Author Bio:
This article was written by Lubna Ali Khan. She loves interior designing, home d├ęcor and DIY projects. She is a regular writer at ALRUG.

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