Saturday, 31 December 2016

Plans for the New 2017 & A HUGE Thank You!

So it's been a hectic and amazing year for me and this blog! and I just wanted to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for supporting my blog and for inspiring me to expand into a business! You have all been great! If you haven't seen my new website yet, I would love to introduce you to it, it has professional images of all of my interior design projects so far along with more about myself and my services - check it out:

In terms for my plans for 2017, I think I have a few!
  • Blog more often - I will definitely do this guys I promise!
  • Get out of my comfort zone - They say that you life truly begins once you step out of your comfort zone and I'm definitely starting to believe this!
  • Improve my grades at university - I'm doing this already which is brilliant and has given me a lot more confidence for my academic abilities.
  • Improve social media presence and marketing - You'd think that as we use social media everyday and regularly, using social media for business won't be so different, but trust me it is! Its hard to keep up sometimes, but I do hope to improve this in the new year.
  • Do more things that makes me genuinely happy - I wouldn't say that 2016 has been a terrible year at all but I do feel that sometimes I put other people's happiness before my own which can be both a good and bad thing but I do hope that throughout this year I can start doing more things for me.
  • Work on my insecurities - Insecurities take time to go away and I have been slowly working on them already but I guess that I do need to try harder sometimes and try not to put myself down anywhere near as much.
  • Gain more design skills - One key thing I learnt this year is that you can never know too much or know it all. I'm still in the starting stages of my business and learning more and more skills will only make me better. I'm hoping to either start a foundation degree or enroll on architectural or technical drawing short courses alongside what I'm doing.
  • SAVE SAVE SAVE - I'm not the best with money. That needs to change, seriously lol.
It's actually already the new year here in China so I'm writing this from the future, but have an amazing new year and I hope that this year is great and prosperous for all of you! Comment with some of your plans for the new year! 

I'll leave you with this awesome song :-)


Wednesday, 21 December 2016

5 Hotels That Get Christmas Right!

Claridge's 2014 Tree by Dolce & Gabbana
Hi all, I hope you're all well! I feel as though whenever I blog as of recently, I've always been apologising for being away for so long; once again I apologise, I love you all! But luckily, its the Christmas break and a lot of my university commitments have calmed down a little. 

So it's getting to that exciting time of year! I'm not sure if Christmas is huge in China or not, but I definitely miss seeing all the Christmas windows, retail decorations and hearing the same old Christmas jingles on repeat everywhere you go. I thought I'd focus on hotels this time round, I always look forward to seeing what Claridge's display is like every year! So without further ado, here are my top ten hotel Christmas displays!

5. The Langham Place, New York

How beautiful and different is this tree!? The Langham Place in New York is no stranger to non-conventional trees after having a Christmas tree made entirely of macaroons previously! This year's tree is made from 3,500 red, cream and dust pink roses and can certainly catch your eye!

4. The Ritz, London

You can't get a more traditional Christmas than the Ritz. They certainly know how to put on a show when it comes to Christmas decoration. Their tree this year is a 25ft Norwegian Pine that just gets you in the cheerful Christmas mood. One thing I really admire about The Ritz is that it has stuck to its classic and traditional image and have beautiful implemented these decorations to compliment their interiors. The hotel already features regal red's, beige and pine greens in their interior and together with the tree and lights? Perfect.

3. The EDITION Hotel, London

"It's lit" has never rung so true. This stunning and very creative tree was created by designer Simon Costin and I'm pretty sure you can guess why it's in my top three! I mean, it has moths, baubles AND and owl?! That's pretty different right. I just think it looks absolutely beautiful honestly and Simon's inspiration behind it is interesting too. Simon Costin is a big fan of folklore and Welsh mythology and this tree is based on the story of Blodeuwedd, a woman created from flowers and later turned into an owl by magicians Math and Gwydion.

2. The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte

Is anyone hungry? I hope you like macaroons.. This gorgeous tree at the Ritz-Cartlon gives you a little taste of Paris as it was made from approximately 8,000 French macaroons! In addition to this is their other croquembouche tree, made out of 1,700 profiteroles (omg). This tree stands at 12ft and apparently took 170 hours to be made by the pastry team. It's incredible where creativity can get you, its why I'm so happy that I am one! 

1. Claridge's, London AND The Peninsula, Chicago

Yes there is a joint 1st place everyone! I couldn't choose (welp!). So Claridge's decided that they weren't really going to have a tree this year, no no. There were going to have an 'experience'. Sir Jony Ive. Marc Newsonand set designer Michael Howells came together to turn the prestigious hotel lobby into a magical winter forest! Incredible.

There are few things more pure and beautiful than nature, so that was our starting point, layering various iterations of organic forms with technology. Our aim was to create an all-enveloping magical experience that celebrates our enormous respect for tradition while recognising our excitement about the future and things to come."

Lastly, we have the Christmas decorations at the Peninsula, Chicago. How beautiful. The reason why this took my number one spot too was the fact that it just reminded me of so many Christmas movies. Home Alone, Eloise at Christmastime etc I have no idea, it just warms my heart seeing these decorations. This spectacular tree stands at 24ft and is well sat in the hotel lobby. 

Which one is your favourite?

and Have a Merry Christmas!

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